Monday, 8 April 2019

Smart Learners!

We are learning to reflect on term 1 cyber smart lessons.


  1. Kia Ora Mary,
    My name is Hannah and I go to Karoro School. I enjoyed reading your smart learners blog post. It looks like you know a lot on how to be safe on the internet. I like that you have lots of information, and that is makes sense. It is good that you know what to post online and what not to post.

    At my school in my class, most of the time if you want to use an image, you have to take it yourself or use your own image. Do you have to use your own images at school? I like the tree with the words that say positive, thoughtful and helpful, and with words that say how to stay safe.

    Maybe next time you do this you could send out a survey to your class, and see what they think makes a smart learner. Have you ever used google forms before? We have used it a few times in my class for writing and maths. I really enjoyed reading your blog post and you know a lot about what a smart learner is.

  2. Kia Ora Mary.
    I’m Mackenzie from Karoro School in Greymouth. I really enjoyed reading what you have been learning how to be a smart learner. Like how to post positive, helpful and kind comments. I also like how you put why it is important for us to be smart learners. It was really good how you put what you shouldn’t post like your last name, email, address, age and phone number.

    In my class when we want to use image off the internet that we haven't made we have to make sure that they are free to use. I think that your work will be very useful for people who have never had a chromebook before. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into your work.

    Next time you could add why you shouldn’t put your personal information online. You could also put why you have to study to become a smart learner. Did you enjoy learning about this topic?