Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Helping Henrietta!

From my journal I found out what Joe's plans were for the winter.  As you can see the first thing he had to do was to make a massive snowman. It was a interesting book because I  had so many mixed emotions when I read it.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

How to make a fun Saint Patrick playdough!

On a fantastic Saint Patrick Day my class and I made Play Dough. I was so excited to make play dough with my friends. In this activity we made edible GREEN play dough. But don't worry because no one ate it.

First we mixed all the dry ingredients. Once that was all finished we added boiling water to it to form a dough. Then the best part came when we added green food colouring. After we had finished mixing all the ingredients it was time to create the pretty green dough. Our playdough was a bit sticky, so we kept on adding flour, and it worked.

Once our playdough was ready to play with, our teacher came with some shiny, beautiful green glitter. Now our playdough looked even prettier than before. When all the glitter was mixed in well, my group and I went in with our hands and played with it. The playdough was so soft and so stretchy.

Then it was time to play a game with the playdough. Everyone was told to create a large spiral. We split the playdough so that everyone could roll a long thick strip. Once the playdough was extended enough we connected all the long green glittery snake strips to create our spiral. Our teacher came around with foam balls and straws. The activity was the first person to blow their foam ball using the straw into the middle wins. It was so fun competing with my friends. It got a bit boring so we divided the playdough and started to make our own obstacle course. We kept recreating our obstacle course so that it could be continually even more challenging.

Now it was time to pack up. I had fun creating and playing with playdough. It was so fun making playdough with my group.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Remarkable Reti!

From my Journal I found out that Mohaka is a place where people go and learn how to fish with a reti. Over the years people have travelled to Mohaka to learn more about the reti and how it works.

WALT: To search for clues within the text to understand the hidden meaning not directly.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The fantastic flying books of Morris Lessmore

We used Narrative Devices to analyse the movie of the book by William Joyce.
Learning Intention: To look at a variety of Narrative Devices to understand visual meaning can be conveyed.