Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Church Imaged As Pilgrim People!

What is a pilgrim?
A pilgrim is some person that travels around to holy places.

Many people go on a pilgrimage, which is usually linked to holy places they go to places all
around the world.
a pilgrimage can be set anywhere you would like it to be it could be a long or short journey
often choose to go to mount
cavalry to connect to the way Jesus and his followers felt when Jesus was stripped of his garments and made carry his cross
Holy places can be anywhere where you feel God is there,
God is everywhere in the world he can be anywhere
you want him to be.

Pilgrims go to any place they would feel religious significance. Here are some i found
Place pilgrims go?
  • Jesus where the passion of Christ took place.
  • Vatican
  • Bethlehem {where Jesus was born}
  • Coliseum {where the Christians were killed for there faith}
  • Golgotha {where Christ was killed}