Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Euphrasie Barbier!

Euphrasie Barbier is the founder of the Mission Sisters. She was raised in Caen, 

France. She worked as a laundry at the age of 13 and when she was 17 she opened her 

own laundry place at her own house. She was the child of Louis-Desire Barbier and 

Jenne Adele Le Clar. Her father worked as a shoe maker and her mother worked as a 

laundress. On January 18 1893 Euphrasie Barbier passed away. 

She was a helpful person because she helped others in need around the world. 

Euphrasie Barbier was a strong leader teaching other Sisters to help all those in need 

especially women and children.

Euphrasie Barbier was a great nun to the Catholic Faith. 

Everyone in this world should look up to her because without her we wouldn't have a 

special leader who cared and loved those around her.

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